Xeno Gaming launches its Crowdfunding Campaign

Xeno Gaming helps independent creators worldwide. And as such, it needs a boost for its launch.

[ClickPress, Fri Nov 04 2016]
The Start-Up BitcoinSolution UG founded in 2014 develops
crypto-currencies and their use in Europe.
Passionate by video game development, its founder
Damien Morales starts the Development of the Xeno Gaming Project in September 2015 with Lilly Blass.
In July 2016, Pierre Schmoll and Laurent Schott voluntarily join the team to participate actively in the evolution of the platform.

The crowdfunding campaign will kick off on November 3rd, 2016 for a period of one month (December 3rd 2016) on the platform Kickstarter.

The campaign will primarily aim to finalize the project's development and tools such as X-Gaming and the X-Cloud.

The Crowdfunding campaign
will allow their team to take
the final steps before the official launch;
ie the finalization of the
X-Gaming and X-Cloud,
the establishment of security for servers, websites and databases thanks to the powerful technology Blockchain,
the purchase of equipment necessary for the development and the remuneration of their team.
The available tools on this platform open the doors to a new generation of gaming.

The X-Gaming will allow players to access their video games on all device, wherever they are, without having to buy new hardware or computer several times in the same year.
Based on the same technology,
the X-Cloud allows each video game developer or development studio to use all their software’s everywhere and on all their devices.

Key figures:

Value of available items on the final version of the platform for developers: 150.000€
- Textures : 20.000€
- Music / Sound : 30.000€
- Development Tools:: 50.000€
- 3D Models : 50.000€
Amount requested on Kickstarter : 50.000€

Company: Xeno Gaming

Contact Name: Lilly Blass

Contact Email: press@xeno-gaming.com

Contact Phone: +33 601672254

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