Why Security Testing Services Are Making News before 2017?

In-house software applications are used to run critical business processes, conduct transactions with suppliers and deliver sophisticated services to customers. Since applications can compromise overall security across the entire organization, securing them becomes a top priority. Prova’s security testing services for Europe provide robust security testing solutions.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 02 2016] Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & India (Business Network)—Nov 28, 2016: We are just a month away from the new year and security testing services are making headlines in the tech world. The market is flooded with research reports on how security testing services are going to perform in the upcoming year. It does not sound surprising because with the increase in IoT and cyber threats, simultaneously, security testing of applications, network and database is nothing short of being the fundamental business need of the hour. So what about security testing services is making news? Find out in a nutshell.

Application Services
The global market is seeing enormous numbers of application services being launched every day. Security testing services for applications include mobile, web, cloud and enterprise set-up. The work culture in organizations is undergoing immense transformation with inclusion of newer trends such as hiring freelancer employees, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), on-demand workforce, remote and offshore workstations as well as work-from-home. Reports have predicted that in the next few years, about 40% of workforce will be of freelancers. This makes security a prime concern.

Application Tools & Methodology
Depending on the business objective, code review tools, web testing tools as well as automated testing tools will be used for security testing services. Testing tools need to be upgraded in order to proactively counter cyber threats. Business organizations can also opt for various evaluation methodologies such as quarterly, semi-annual or annual security testing services. Globally, companies are increasing their budgets for testing of their network and applications so that vulnerabilities can be reduced and damages can be diminished, even in worst case scenarios.

Finally, the biggest question is that which industries need security testing services? Going by the current trends, almost every industry vertical is trying to amplify its technology in order to get the best market share. From Retail, E-commerce, BFSI, Telecom, Government Establishments to Healthcare, every industry wants to focus on improving its customer base by including technology innovations in its business model. Hence, this technology needs a strong security blanket. 2017 will see small and big enterprises alike opting for long-term security testing services.

It is being said that well-established organizations have also been able to multiply their revenues by adding an extra layer of security in their business applications. All the headlines about security testing services gaining an unprecedented growth in 2017 are based on its vast potential to improve business output. In order to leverage the real benefits of technology applications, companies will need to be equipped with superior security features.

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