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Our company focuses on building innovative companies that have the power to change the world. Among them iUsed App is a revolutionary app that helps you Buy | Sell | Donate your Used items within seconds. The Donate feature in our app let's people donate their stuff to the people who need it the most. This feature is very exclusive and isn't there in other competitor apps. We believe in innovation that solves actual real time problems in this world and we proudly feel iUsed is the way to go.

[ClickPress, Mon Dec 12 2016] You got a big heart - iUsed App offers you to donate the items to the needy in your area.
There are so many classified sites available to buy / sell the used stuff today. Over 80% of the consumers (whoever buying / selling the second-hand stuff) are getting irritated with the random phone calls from the strangers, and dealing with bad negotiation methods. Most times there is no privacy at all. Also, the mobile numbers are being exposed to the random users. More than anything, every buyer / seller has to deal with a lot of SPAM through the instant messages or emails.

Here are some of the biggest challenges in the regular classified sites: Lack of trust; Ineffective communication channels between the buyers and sellers; No proper negotiation methods; Too much time consuming; Dealing with many chat messages; Wastage of time; Quality Assessment and related.

iUsed App solves pretty much all the problems as aforementioned. It empowers both the buyers and sellers to make the negotiation process very unique way (without any effort). Also, it offers many contemporary features to make the buyers and sellers smile all the way.

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