Rising Bitcoin influence positively impacting the online betting business

Figures showed that Bitcoin mobile casino gambling is expected to reach double-digit rates and to grow beyond 40% of the total online gambling market by the end of 2018.

[ClickPress, Mon Jan 09 2017] Online sports betting has been becoming popular trend among the casino gamers attracting a major chunk of online players.

With an estimated $95 billion expected to be bet -- mostly illegally, research shows that a legal sports betting market in the United States would be the largest in the world and could potentially generate as much annual revenue as the NFL itself. With the growing popularity and advance technical developments at place, the online betting has grown in prominence making them a popular trend among the online betters and casino players. Another trend which is hitting the headlines is the ubiquitous presence of bitcoin in the online betting circle. Emergence of new and alternative payment systems has also provided easier ways to lure people into making more bets. One such scheme is the introduction of Bitcoin, which is an open-source system using peer-to-peer technology for online payments.
Perusing the success of Bitcoin, the first question that comes to mind is whom should Bitcoin thank for their success? Well, considering Bitcoin’s recent growth and popularity, it has much to thank the online gaming realms. In 2015, traditional casinos in Las Vegas started accepting Bitcoin for buying small items before they introduced it as a more acceptable payment option. Currently the online slot makers and such other games are even introducing Bitcoin payments, driving immediate withdrawals and deposits and making it simpler for the players to manage their bank payments.

Figures showed that Bitcoin mobile casino gambling is expected to reach double-digit rates and to grow beyond 40% of the total online gambling market by the end of 2018. The system works without the presence of any central intermediary and works on a distributed network. Apart from increasing the number of Bitcoin gambling websites, the demand to learn more about the relationship of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency is required. This has increased the need for credible and leading information sources that provide best quality perspectives about this niche market and its future investments. Safety of Anonymous Casino is a prime reason that has made the website popular. Players can enjoy their favorite games from their own home and the secure web servers ensure that they get fair deals and safety of the cryptocurrency betted in the games.

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