RLIS celebrates their 100th day as the best Web development company of Durgapur

RL Infotechh Solutions LLP has successfully celebrated their 100th day as the fastest growing IT company of Durgapur. In an internal gathering, the company announced that they are going to take more advanced strategies for the betterment.

[ClickPress, Tue Jan 31 2017] RL Infotechh Solutions LLP, one of the finest IT companies of Durgapur has celebrated their 100th day since the opening of the company. The day has been celebrated in the presence of the company employees & the governing bodies and their families. A meeting has been held at the very beginning of the ceremony, which has been followed by the speech & a grand banquet.

The objective of the meeting was to announce certain strategies & planning that will be taken in the upcoming future for the sustenance & enhancement of the company. The managing director of the company, Mr. RL Ganguli was the chief speaker of the conference. At the very first of his speech, he congratulated the employees for augmenting RL Infotechh Solutions as one of the finest web development companies of Durgapur. He suggested the employees keep themselves updated and to collaborate with each other for the optimized completion of a project. He also said that to progress any organization, client requirements & contentment should be the major aim of it.

RL Infotechh Solutions has been delivering web, app & software development & designing services to numerous clients and companies. Along with that, they are also delivering SEO & Digital Marketing services to the local & national as well as to the global clients. The managing personnel of RL Infotechh Solutions has chosen some skilled & experienced developers to lead the team, which has made them reliable to the clients. Updating themselves on the regular basis will help them to sustain their fame as the fastest growing web development company of Durgapur.

RL Infotechh Solutions is one of the best IT solutions provider, including web, app & software development & designing company who has the expertise in SEO & Digital Marketing field too. With a huge number of local & global clients across the globe, they strive to reach a large number of customers by enhancing their skills & potential.

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