Update Warspear Online 6.5: restoring characters, getting gold from monsters and new features for ar

Now, Warspear Online players may restore deleted characters. In addition, AIGRIND team made significant changes for all who fight in the arena, always expand their bags because of tons of loot and for those who are tired of waiting for the necessary rare craft job.

[ClickPress, Wed May 10 2017] Arena Suppliers still have wares if you have arena points! By the way, there are some new items they offer: Gladiator's Chests with new minions, skills, and costumes, as well as weapons and equipment of level 25.

One more important change is that now players also get gold when killing monsters. There is no more need to constantly visit merchants: the reward is automatically added to character's gold supply and doesn't fill any place in the bag.

Developers also made some improvements for crafters. That includes opening the list of all rare craft jobs and making possible to start any of them at any time. Unique items of level 26 in all categories and new achievements for mastering craft professions were added as well.

All changes are already available in Warspear Online 6.5 update "Gladiators of Arinar". For all details visit official website: warspear-online.com

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The game features 12 character classes, dozens of combat skills, a free open world, PvP, dungeons, raid bosses, hundreds of quests, craft system, guilds and works perfectly even on low-end devices.
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