WINGS Token Contract Successfully Passes Audit by Digital Identity

WINGS Foundation submits audited WINGS token smart contracts proposal to the community via the Ethereum network.

[ClickPress, Wed May 17 2017] WINGS (, an Ethereum-based platform using prediction markets to value and crowdfund projects, today announced a successful token smart contract audit by the Digital Identity SA (, a Swiss company focused on blockchain consulting and investments.
"While time to market is very important for us and our crowdfund participants, priority number one is making sure we always release an as secure code as possible. There can not be any compromises when handling users funds, and Wings has put to its’ banner getting out a robust product that can be used globally with no security concerns. Wings holds dearly the trust put by it's community, and will go to the utmost length to justify this trust, consistently providing well tested and audited platform," according to WINGS Core Developer Stas Oskin.

Triple the Security Audits:
Smart contract technology is undergoing rapid and innovative changes that require extra effort and measures to ensure that quality of code which runs on public blockchains is consistent with expected outcomes to that end WINGS Foundation engaged three audit firms to ensure no stone went underturned in identifying potential risks.
The audit effort was led by Marco Polci, CTO, at Digital Identity who has extensive experience in smart contracts and blockchain software.

Audit results summary by Digital Identity:
The Token smart contract follow the ERC20 standard interface and implements a minting behavior with a limited number of minting operations with prefixed amounts and scheduling.

The implemented minting schema looks like a means to lock tokens to some initial stake holders, with the difference that the “locked” tokens are not counted in the addresses balances until they are unlocked.

Audit result:
No security flaw found
Some hints to improve compatibility with applications that rely on standard ERC20 interface

The WINGS Foundation chose Digital Identity SA following a recommendations from experts in Ethereum smart contracts. Their audit results were detailed and allowed us to improve our smart contract development skills. We are pleased with the results and will be looking to work with Digital Identity in the future.
With the audits completed the WINGS token has been launched on the Ethereum mainnet and listed as a top 20 Ethereum token on Etherscan:
About WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and comprised of a decentralized team of professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream. WINGS uses DAO technology to enable a new class of emergent incentivized artificial swarm intelligence on the Ethereum network for price discovery.

Further, WINGS gives access to best in class smart contracts for blockchain based crowdfunding and for a project’s decentralized governance. To learn more please visit:

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