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[ClickPress, Thu Jun 22 2017] Open Palm Press Published New Bestselling Book On Law Firm Management

Open Palm Press, an up-and-coming publishing company, has again hit Amazon’s bestseller list with “From Lawyer to Law Firm: How to Manage a Successful Law Business.”
In “From Lawyer to Law Firm,” authors Liz Miller and Joryn Jenkins address the commercial aspects of practicing law that are unique to a law firm. During their combined 70+ years in the legal profession, they have both experienced situations which may seem unbelievable. No matter where you are in your legal career, Liz and Joryn offer guidance and insights based on those experiences that will help to ensure success for both you and your law firm. 
Managing the business of practicing law should be as important to the lawyer as the practice of law itself. It is pivotal to the success or failure of a law practice. The lawyer who considers hanging his own shingle cannot appreciate all of the moving parts involved in managing a profitable law practice until he has actually done it. When you do venture out, on your own or in a partnership with others, you soon realize that there is much more to the business of practicing law than you ever expected. Everything about your law firm affects the most important asset that your law firm owns: the attorney/client relationship. 
After years of experience in the trenches, the authors were motivated to write this book because they understand that running a law firm is different from running any other type of business. Liz explains: “You simply cannot run a law firm the same way you run a large corporation. The entire atmosphere of a law firm that sells services, coupled with the rules of bar associations governing what is and is not allowed, changes the entire dynamics of managing the business of practicing law.”
“From Lawyer to Law Firm” hit Barnes & Noble’s bestseller list within just a few weeks of its release.
According to Joryn Jenkins, president of Open Palm Press, who served as both author and editor for the book: “Liz and I are both so excited that Barnes & Noble put this book at the top of their bestseller list. It is an invaluable resource for any lawyer who hangs her own shingle.”
Harvard Law School lecturer and TEDx Talk presenter, David A. Hoffman, praises the book: “This is a wonderfully informative, remarkably thorough, and entirely engaging guide to the business side of law practice. The authors generously share a wealth of experience on subjects – ranging from ethics and client relations to the nitty-gritty of budgets – that will benefit both newly minted lawyers and those who are reevaluating their practices.”
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