LimeVPN Is Offering 50% Off On It's VPN Services

LimeVPN has dropped down their prices on VPN services

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LimeVPN Is Offering 50% Off On It's VPN Services

Boost For Users Concerned WIth Internet Privacy

Panama City, Panama: LimeVPN, makers and providers of the popular LimeVPN internet privacy software, has announced a price reduction of 50% on all its VPN services. Starting today, customers can sign up at reduced prices for all LimeVPN packages. There is a Basic plan now reduced to $1.49/month from $2.99/month for yearly billing, as well as a Pro package now reduced to $14.99/month from $29.98/monthly for yearly billing.

LimeVPN distinguishes itself with low entry prices that allow internet users to browse the internet in complete privacy. Over the last two years, the company’s VPN services have become widely subscribed among web surfers.

“We were able to get set up pretty quickly and immediately start taking advantage of the many features in each package, including the impressive speeds. All in all, we found LimeVPN to be a solid provider of quick and well-specified VPN services,” said one reviewer from Top10BestVPN, a VPN review site.

VPN services such as LimeVPN have gained in popularity in the wake of revelations that government spying agencies and hackers at large have been spying on everyday internet users on a range of internet-connected devices.

LimeVPN creates a secure, secret tunnel between a LimeVPN user and the general internet. The company uses military-grade encryption which defeats spying attempts by scrambling the user’s data via strong hashing algorithms. To make sure its software and servers perform to the best level, LimeVPN distinguishes itself in the market by writing its own software. In addition, the company runs its own servers in jurisdictions around the world, allowing for fast access by users, but without compromising security. Users of LimeVPN, unlike the average internet user, have less to worry about when it comes to keeping their activities and identities secure on the internet.

LimeVPN’s Basic and Pro packages pack together convenience and value for users, including the following benefits:

Dedicated internet bandwidth up to 1 Gbps for Pro package
No logging policy to keep activities totally private
20+ VPN locations worldwide
Easy set up, plug and play
Low prices to keep the service affordable and instantly accessible for internet users around the globe
Basic package $1.49/month(billed yearly, 50% saving)
Pro package $14.99/month (billed yearly, 50% saving)

About LimeVPN: LimeVPN is a ground-breaking VPN company. With its VPN services for internet users, LimeVPN helps mobile and desktop internet users keep their information safe from prying eyes. Affordable VPN services by LimeVPN helps all users access the next level of internet security.

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