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Android is one of the most used mobile operating system. We build strong android app development with best technique and platform with high level of UI/UX experience.

[ClickPress, Tue Sep 26 2017] Android is one of the most used mobile operating system. We build strong android app development with best technique and platform with high level of UI/UX experience. We are famous and energetic Android App Development Company jaipur offers expert android app development services at affordable and cheap price. We organize and maintain android standards in our android application to establish wide range of devices that is available in Information Technology market. Our experienced business analyst team firstly understands of your business requirement and purpose a solution for mobile app solution for you. Once requirements or needs are finished for the business, our best expert designer team design/ create a UI/UX experience will connect the user. Then our android developers make design functional. The android application developed by us feels you real time experience and design, performance perfect. Nowadays, we are the outstanding Android App Development Company Jaipur and offer wide range of apps solution.
The Android App System is best choice for our customers. We can see a number of development companies in market, who claim to provide best android app service, but one question arise in our mind that do that company actually provide the exact service. Our company R and D InfoTech delivering Android App Service from last four years. Our innovative and experienced team of developers makes us unique and different from other development company. We work on the latest technology according to the market trend or needs. We work in the friendly way to develop the vision and mission into a great responsive application.

Tools and Technologies Use by Our R and D InfoTech
Our company R and D InfoTech works on Android SDK, including native package and support libraries offered by the Android Development Kit. We currently use the basic Android Studio (IDE) for develop the android applications.

How Our Android App Developers Can Help You
Our company R and D InfoTech blessed with a high professional developers team, who have a extremely deep knowledge of latest technology and coding skills which help in provide affordable and cost effective, high compatible application. Our highly skilled developer’s team will not work only according your needs or requirement but also suggest and assist you for making your application more better according to latest trends and technology.

There are some Android App Development Process

1 Introduction: This is the first stage of android app development process, in which our expert team of developers analyses and understand your business plan according to your requirement and will work on some important factors such as technology, trends and monitoring the apps.

2 UI/UX Design: In this phase, our expert team of designers will work on IA, Wireframes, Concept Design, UI Design, Micro-interactions of the android application.

3 Architecture: In this phase, our team of developers and expert make framework and reusable components, define MVC modules, Database layer, UI layer.

4 Development: After once architecture is finalized, our team of developers starts the development process and task such as UI design, functionality, development, integration, backend development, code review and testing in this development phase/process.

5 Cross-Check/Quality Assurance: In this step, many testing process such as Unit testing, Functional testing, Integration testing, Usability testing, Performance testing of developed application are done on actual device.

6 Intermediate Release: In this phase, a demo version is launched for beta testing of the application and test like: Continue integration, Ad Hoc Release, and Testing etc take place.

7 Maintenance and Support: Your product needs development and we provide continuous support for your success or goal. After launching a application, it is important to get feedback from user so you can make any update to app.

Android Application Architecture
Developers of R and D InfoTech are highly attentive and dedicated for their work and code quality, maintainability of android app application. Our process of developing the application is based on:

1 Working Principle: Object Oriented Principle, the working principle of our team is completely based on “One Step Web Solution”.

2 Architectural Patterns: We use the best architecture for android apps on our developed codebase, that helps correct functionality for programmers.

3 Code Formatting Guideline: Our working procedure follows coding rules and code guidelines to make that developed code is easy to maintain and navigate.

What makes us unique in Android App Development?
All our mobile/android app development and design services are very cost effective in nature. We serve professional services from several years with dedicated experience and expertise.Our company service pricing is very flexible and needs for every business.

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