Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd rolls out intelligent Chatbot solution for handling parallel requests

A Chatbot application for an E-Learning company has helped save several man hours of work while helping improve the learning experience

[ClickPress, Wed Apr 11 2018] Qwentic Consulting Pvt.Ltd has launched a highly efficient Chatbot Solution for an E-Learning Company. The intelligent Chatbot solution is customisable for any service industry client who need to fine tune their interaction with customers. This particular Chatbot solution was developed to meet the challenges of a company facing manpower allocation issues due to huge number of users.

Qwentics Chatbot solution runs on Artificial Intelligence and is powered by wit.ai to not only answer queries but also to perform basic functions such as matching resource to need.Also the form of communication is more extensive as the chatbot solution is powered by an interactive messenger service that allows audio and visual interaction.

In a time when Customer Relationship Management is of utmost importance across all industries, such a solution can serve several challenges at one go. Time availability challenges can also be served by a 24*7 chatbot solution. This allows enterprises to allocate their Human Resources into more fruitful and efficiency requiring tasks. Qwentic CEO Mr. Rahul Khode said,” Chatbot solutions are the new face of the service industry and our Company is slowly emerging as an expert in developing these solutions”.

Several experts feel that Chatbot Solutions save companies millions of dollars that can be otherwise efficiently spent in R&D of a new product or services launch. It seems that Industries are going through a sea of change in refining their interactions with customers and Qwentic seems to be riding on this tide of change. Qwentic Consulting Pvt.Ltd has customised their Chatbot solution for a number of Industries by leveraging the power of Golang. They focus on developing industry oriented customisable business solutions.


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