one year to create a collective consciousness

"I love my Cali" is a social and environmental strategy that look to create environmental awareness and a sense of belonging to the city.

[ClickPress, Tue Mar 26 2019] Two young people from Cali are betting on improving the city, through monthly volunteering with actions of tree planting activities, cleaning of rivers, parks and recovery of public space. This team seeks to sensitize people about the problems present in our city, strengthen citizen culture and sense of belonging.

The "I love my Cali" campaign has planted 6,083 trees, has removed 16,249 kilos of solid waste from rivers, has painted 1,473 square meters in public space, vulnerable sectors, has had a participation of 7,206 volunteers and has served as a platform for knowledge and actions positive, where the citizenship has been the protagonist and agents of change for our Cali.

If you want to know more about this great work, look for them in social networks like @amomicali where you will find ways to support this project and information on when and where you can participate

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Alejandra Garcia
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