launches Global Report, a daily citizen journalist Videocast

With establishing a new landmark in citizen journalist video reporting, Instablogs announces launch of its Global Report.

[ClickPress, Tue Jul 01 2008] The new feature allows Instablogs viewers to catch up with video reports about globally unfolding news stories and/or events from a citizen journalist point of view. The CJ (citizen journalist), who is based in the area of the story, enriches the video content by providing a firsthand ground news report and sometimes exclusive pictures, videos, phone ins, that are not available with other media outlets, be it online, television or other mainstream media sources.

Instablogs has a team of dozens of Regional Editors from different countries around the world which includes but not limited to USA, Egypt, Brazil, China etc. The number of reporters puts Instablogs on par with some of the biggest news sources in the world.

The Instablogs network also has over 25,000 registered members and over 20 million readers every month.

This daily video show with content exclusively from citizen journalists happens to be the first one in the world, beating other competitors., one of the world's largest Citizen Journalism sites, is today also the fastest growing citizen journalism outlet among its competitors.

"One of our core goals is to highlight critical world issues through the eyes of the people most affected from them. We do that in many ways already but we felt that a video presentation of the most interesting news directly from the citizen journalist themselves also fit our focus." says CEO Ankit Maheshwari.

Catering to a fast growing community of internet and mobile phone users who track news and other events online on the move, this show is available in various online video formats, including mobile devices such as iPhone.

We invite you to watch.

About Instablogs

Instablogs is a leading technology firm at the forefront of citizen journalism. With bloggers, citizen journalists and other information sources challenging and complimenting normal media channels, Instablogs has evolved to become a responsible social news site by adopting a collaborative news model structured around a conversational mode with inspired citizen opinions from all over the world. Instablogs blog network platform publishes more than thousands articles every day covering almost all countries and its 10 niche channels.

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