Author and Poet Rena Johnson’s award winning new book, Epiphanies of the Soul: Empower Yourself With Therapeutic Poetry, offers a truly unique approach to overcoming life’s difficulties and reaching its highest potential through “Therapeutic Poetry.”

[ClickPress, Sun Feb 05 2006] “Therapeutic Poetry” as presented by Rena uses prose as a powerful cognitive healing tool, taking self-help to a whole new level of empowerment. As Rena says, “Poetry has traditionally been used as a means of self expression. It allows one to examine life's common occurrences with winsome and rhythmic prose. Seldom, if ever, has poetry been suggested as a form of therapy.” Rena goes on to say, “The methodology underlying my poems is based on cognitive therapy. Thus, it is subliminal in nature. I believe that once the psyche is empowered, attitudes change and behavior changes follow.”

In this third edition of Epiphanies of the Soul: Empower Yourself With Therapeutic Poetry, Rena teaches how to move beyond perceived limitations, and to thrive by changing approaches to life’s challenges.

The fifty-two poems presented address real-life issues and serve as a road-map. Even though traditional counseling and “Therapeutic Poetry” share the same focus on the problems, the approach to reach a solution is deeply different. Here, the individual is encouraged to identify issues needing resolution on his own by utilizing these powerful concepts, which in turn, will enable him/her to access critical thinking, and to use creativity to develop new perspectives on the past. The result is a deeper understanding of the lesson inherent in the experience, transcending previous limitations which lead to a new vision for the future. A section for journaling is included. “Therapeutic Poetry” is an effective and highly creative tool for dealing with many of life’s most challenging issues.

For further information on this approach, Rena Johnson is available for interviews and personal appearance. A review copy of the book is available upon request. Please contact Rena at signs@signsofpower.com

The book is also available via Ingram Books, Amazon, or for order at your local bookstore.
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