Ex Eastender Ameet Chana Ties the Knot…

UK soap actor Ameet Chana is to marry his girlfriend Shikha Varma, in an extravagant 5 day Indian ceremony this month

[ClickPress, Mon Feb 06 2006] UK soap actor Ameet Chana is to marry his girlfriend Shikha Varma, in an extravagant 5 day Indian ceremony this month. The main wedding will take place at the lavish Shiv Niwas Lake Palace in Udaipur, India and thereafter the happy couple will head back to London to celebrate with their friends and family.

The Ex-Eastenders actor sent out invitations to those attending the international celebrations which gave away very few details but specified guests should pack some exquisite outfits, be prepared for hot weather and expect to be away for 5 days. The actor, who starred in ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ and whose part as ‘Adi Ferreira’ in Eastenders pushed him into the limelight, is understood to be flying close family and friends from London to various parts of India for a romantic and authentic Indian wedding – Liz Hurley take note.

The couple met seven years ago when they hosted a beauty pageant together but only realized their true feelings for each other when they worked on a British feature film together last year ironically titled ‘It Could Be You’. Even though they played brother and sister in the film, the attraction definitely wasn’t of a sibling variety. The time they spent on location brought them closer together and allowed their feelings to flourish to full blown love.

The ceremonies kick off with the Engagement Cocktail party which is to be held at a farm house in New Delhi with beautiful fountains, waterfalls and a live Quawali band, the highlight being the exchange of the rings. From here, everyone will travel from Delhi to Rajasthan for a few smaller traditional ceremonies followed by an informal evening of singing and dancing thrown by the bride’s side known as “Mehfil ki Raat” or “Evening of high spirits”. The night before the actual wedding is where we see the main celebrations commence with the bride and her girlfriends having henna applied to their hands and feet. Next the “Sangeet Night” - traditionally this would be when all the female guests would get together and sing “Boliyan” or rhymes & verses about marriage and the Bride’s experiences that she has to look forward to in married life. But as times change into modern day, all the guests will gather at The Zenana Mahal (the palace for the royal ladies) to join in the celebrations of song, dance and of course a well stocked bar and some grand entertainment.

On the big day itself, guests will make their way down to the promenade at the Shiv Niwas Lake Palace where they will be met by dhol drummers, dancers, singers & horses. The groom will ride an elephant up to the jetty where he and his guests will board a boat to take him to the Jagmandir Island Palace, a stunning temple which is situated in the middle of Lake Pichola and can only be accessed by boat. The island palace will be decorated by lanterns and mashaals held by Guardsmen on ornate elephant statues. The religious ceremony takes place, followed by a champagne toast and a spectacular firework display.

The wedding, fit for royalty, is a far throw away from Albert Square but definitely one to remember. With the celebrations starting a day after Valentines Day, it’s likely that this February will definitely be a long, romantic, hot Indian occasion.

5 different functions, 3 different cities, 2 different countries equals one very special wedding.

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