Outer Aspect goes for gold with lenticular stamp technology

Outer Aspect brings stamps to life by incorporating two seconds of video footage. For the first time ever in the world, Outer Aspect Ltd livens up your everyday postage experience by creating interactive, ‘TV-like’ stamps, which feature famous Dutch speed skaters glide their way to gold at previous Olympics.

[ClickPress, Fri Feb 10 2006] Outer Aspect Ltd is selected from the most prominent stamp producers and lenticular companies in the world to make the first ever, 100% lenticular stamp.

Royal TPG Post BV, Netherlands, (www.tpgpost.nl) commissions Outer Aspect Ltd to produce 100% lenticular stamps, which are being released to celebrate the 2006 Winter Olympics, featuring the greatest Dutch speed skaters of all times - Ard Schenk, ‘The Flying Dutchman’ and Yvonne Van Gennip. Watch Ard Schenk, stop you in your tracks as he battles snowstorms to go on to win three gold medals at Sapporo ’72, and then Yvonne Van Gennip, the Dutch underdog, who, despite being injured recently at the time, goes on to win three gold medals at Calgary, ’88.

These stamps are revolutionary. They’re the first of their kind in the world, having new added security features never before seen in stamps, and comply with all the security requirements for philatelic printing. High precision, innovative High Tech security features and intricate animation are all vital for production. At 52 mm x 30 mm in size they feature two seconds of condensed video footage of the skaters’ finest performance, displaying the actual video footage recorded when they won gold. “This is merely a starting point. Now we are furthering the technology to double this video footage amount with both ease and confidence” says Jonathan Moon, Director of Outer Aspect ltd.

TPG Royal TPG Post BV, Netherlands, approved Outer Aspect Ltd as High Security Printers and chose them due to their high technical skills, enthusiasm and capability. They are the ultimate specialists in lenticular printing – a process aptly named so because of it’s numerous minute lenses, which show depth, motion, HD (high definition) video, film or a combination of these. They commence with raw images, then process them through a computer algorithm, which matches the lens surface of the lens material. When these two parts work in harmony the image can then be replayed back. Printing takes place on the reverse side of the lens material as that’s where the focal point is, allowing images to be replayed to the human eye as the viewing angle changes.

These stamps were produced in conjunction with two other companies – SEP SPrint (Australia) Pty Ltd, who, for TPG Post, have completed the stamps into collector’s books and sticker sheets and secondly, designer Solar Initiative, (www.solarinitiative.com) the Dutch design agency, who designed the stamp and worked closely with Outer Aspect Ltd to achieve the final result.

All of this goes to show that Outer Aspect Ltd is very firmly putting their stamp on the lenticular printing industry worldwide, view this yourself with free lenticular samples by going to: http://www.lenticular.org.nz/lenticularstamps.htm

Outer Aspect
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