Monash IVF Gold Coast Welcomes New Fertility Specialist Dr Kee Ong

Dr Kee Ong joins Monash IVF's Gold Coast clinic in Southport, Queensland, as a consultant IVF specialist.

[ClickPress, Thu Sep 18 2008] IVF Specialist Dr Kee Ong has joined Monash IVF Gold Coast bringing extensive experience, gained in Australia and the United Kingdom, to the Allamanda Medical Centre.

Monash IVF Gold Coast's newly appointed fertility specialist also brings a new initiative to assist couples undergoing treatment.

The new regime involves significantly less side effects, shorter treatment durations and fewer injections.

Dr Kee Ong says the technique yields significantly better quality outcomes for patients.

"We can now offer an alternative option for patients as well as achieve some very good outcomes.

"So, instead of women needing six to eight weeks of injections in the lead up to a cycle, they now only need three.

"The shorter cycle stimulation procedure ensures physical discomfort is minimised without compromising any of the results," Dr Ong said.

It is well documented that patients undergoing hormone stimulating treatment can often experience hot flushes, night sweats, frequent headaches and mood swings.

According to Dr Ong, the shorter cycle stimulation procedure can reduce these symptoms considerably.

The new method is called the 'Antagonist Treatment'. To learn more about it, visit the Monash IVF Gold Coast web site or contact them on 1800 628 533.

About Monash IVF:

Monash IVF is Australia's largest in vitro fertilisation program renowned for its world class standards and results.

Its team of doctors and scientists have achieved an international reputation for excellence in the field of human reproduction.

Their success rates are among the highest in the state and their dedicated nursing staff ensure that patient experience is a memorable journey.

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