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The MLM Insider Online has just released its 12th Annual Selections of the BEst Companies in Network Marketing for 2005 - 2006

[ClickPress, Wed Feb 22 2006] For over 15 years the MLM Insider has been considered the most definitive and reliable source of information on the network marketing industry. The MLM Insider web site is one of the most trafficked on the entire Internet dealing with network marketing providing distributors and prospects alike with invaluable information and education on this great business.

The MLM Insider is also known for producing its Annual Editorís Selections of the Best Companies in Network Marketing. During the course of every year, Corey Augenstein, editor of the MLM Insider carefully reviews and examines hundreds of companies for selection to this esteemed list. He looks at distributor kits, visits company web sites, talks to numerous distributors and consults with other network marketing experts to help determine who the Best Companies are. Many criteria are considered including: Management; Compensation Plan; Products and Support.

In the past 12 years since the inception of the Best Companies Selections, there are an estimated 25 millions copies of the various lists in circulation in either hard copy reprints or as an eBook. During this same time thousands of prospects have used the lists to select their opportunity while thousands of distributors have effectively used the lists to promote their opportunity.

In 1997 Corey introduced the Distributor Choice Awards for Best Companies in Network Marketing. Through the MLM Insider web site distributors are invited to cast their votes for whom they feel are the Best Companies in Network Marketing. At the end of the year the votes are tabulated and the top ten winners are announced in the MLM Insider. While not as objective as the Editorís Selections, the Distributor Choice Awards are important as it reflects the proactivity of a given companies distributors.

The MLM Insider is pleased to announce the following companies are on the List of the Best Companies in Network Marketing for 2005 - 2006

Editorís Selections

American Longevity
Life Plus
Tahitian Noni

Distributor Choice Awards

American Longevity
Market America
Southern Living
Tahitian Noni

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