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  • Why young women love to date an old man with humor

    Why when the girl was asked what qualities they were looking for a guy, most people said a good sense of humor? There¡¯s just something about a guy would make you giggle like a little girl. Funny guys have a charm and power that is hard to deny. Below are the real reasons why is it that older men with a good sense of humor are more popular among young women:

    Company: Dating Age Difference
    (Filed: Thu Nov 17 2016)
  • Salinas Valley Comic Con Returns December 16-18

    The National Steinbeck Center’s annual celebration of zines, comic books, and pop culture, Salinas Valley Comic Con, returns December 16-18 at the Hartnell College Student Center.

    Company: National Steinbeck Center
    (Filed: Tue Nov 15 2016)
  • XML Delivery And Digital News

    In this article we will discuss about three things i.e.Digital News, Streaming and XML Delivery. This service is providing by jamvana across the world and it is located at Florida city, USA. Jamvana is one of the best music industry which provide lot of things to do to clients such as Music Distribution, Label Distribution, Streaming, XML Delivery, Soundcloud Monetization and many more.

    Company: jamvana
    (Filed: Mon Nov 14 2016)
  • Soft Dreams Editions is proud to Release

    Soft Dreams Editions LLC is currently releasing Eighty-one high Quality Art prints of Artist Calvin Turner

    Company: Soft Dreams Editions LLC
    (Filed: Thu Nov 03 2016)
  • The Crowdfunding of Iron Moon

    Iron Moon is a documentary film and a collection of workers poetry, With your help, we can bring this film to the US and publish a corresponding poetry anthology.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 03 2016)
  • [content deleted]

    [content deleted]

    Company: [content deleted]
    (Filed: Wed Nov 02 2016)
  • Battlefield: Game Review


    After almost a decade in existence, the Battlefield series seems to have finally found their perfect war.

    Company: Casino UK
    (Filed: Thu Oct 20 2016)
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