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  • Having Me Films 101& Projects

    What's Having Me Films? A leading independent company, focuses on international copyright operations and film finance consulting, would like to help achieve the highest value for your film projects.

    Company: Having Me Films Co., Ltd.
    (Filed: Mon Jul 17 2017)
  • So Much Adventure Awaits!

    Dungeons and Dragons is back, and it's bigger than ever. Video series, podcasts, TV and movies are all getting in on the action - and so should you.

    Company: Limitless-Adventures
    (Filed: Tue Jul 11 2017)
  • Guitarist Travels America To Play National Anthem

    Guitarist Keegan McClellan Traveled across the country on a 3-week, 15 location shoot to play a unqiue fingerstyle rendition of the national anthem to bring some common ground to the growing divisions in America.

    Company: Youngblood Film
    (Filed: Tue Jun 27 2017)
  • Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating - Now on Kickstarter!

    Blocked is a collection of over 25 comics and illustrations all inspired by true online dating horror stories, from international artists and writers sharing their insight into dating in the 21st century. Pre-orders now available through Kickstarter!

    Company: Little Red Bird
    (Filed: Thu Jun 22 2017)
  • [content deleted]

    [content deleted]

    Company: [content deleted]
    (Filed: Mon Jun 12 2017)
  • Documentary about World’s Largest Refugee Camp set to go viral

    Life is My Movie Entertainment have set up a platform for people, community groups and organizations to host a free screening of their upcoming documentary film Warehoused: The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab.

    Company: Life is My Movie Entertainment
    (Filed: Sun Apr 23 2017)
  • Get Perfect Makeup Services For Events

    A makeup artist only can make the particular person as most beautiful and attractive, in any event, you can also get a makeup artist from myfirstbooking for your events.

    Company: Myfirstbooking
    (Filed: Mon Apr 10 2017)
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