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  • Mall Fever Grips Dubai Tourist Industry
    Tourists considering a visit to the United Arab Emirates have been advised that one location in particular is very popular for a number of reasons.
    Company: The First Group
    (Filed: Mon Sep 21 2009)
  • Housing market still mired in uncertainty
    The slight increase in UK house prices over the last few months, while an encouraging sign that they may have bottomed out, is not indicative of any genuine recovery yet.
    (Filed: Sun Sep 20 2009)
  • UK house prices have not finished falling
    The UK residential property market has seen some promising signs of recovery recently, with surveys showing house prices on the rise and a renewed confidence among buyers and estate agents. The house price increase in August was the fourth consecutive monthly gain, and, at 1.6%, the biggest rise since 2006.
    (Filed: Thu Sep 10 2009)
  • Austin Real Estate Agent Warns - First Time Home Buyer $8000 Federal Tax Credit Is Set To Expire
    Top Austin real estate broker and author, Kenn Renner, with Buy Austin (www.BuyAustin.com) reminds first time homebuyers of the impending deadline for the $8000 Federal Tax Credit, which is due to expire on Monday November 30th, 2009. Kenn urges buyers who want to make use of the $8000 credit not to wait to the last minute since there currently is not a grace period being offered.
    Company: Keller Williams Realty
    (Filed: Sat Aug 29 2009)
  • Dry ice
    An ice rink isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the sweltering, dusty heart of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Australia, but more fool you, for that’s exactly what will be in the middle of the desert over Christmas…
    Company: TheMoveChannel.com
    (Filed: Sat Aug 29 2009)
  • Room with a ewe
    Picture the scene - you're packing for a stay in a hotel - pyjamas - check - toothbrush - check - giant inflatable sheep - check - er...the latter may not spring to mind as a holiday essential but it is one of the thousands of items that travellers leave in hotel rooms all over the UK each year...
    Company: TheMoveChannel.com
    (Filed: Sat Aug 29 2009)
  • Language of love  
    People have long been lusting over la dolce vita and Italy has successfully cultivated an image of beautiful people engaged in romantic trysts set against a backdrop of stunning country – so it’s fitting that the rolling, passionate accents of the Italians have come out top in a new survey to find the most romantic language in the world…
    Company: TheMoveChannel.com
    (Filed: Thu Aug 27 2009)
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