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  • 3Cinteractive Delivers First RCS Business Messaging Campaigns in North America and Will Showcase at  
    Today, 3Cinteractive (3C), the leading provider of mobile marketing services for enterprise businesses, announced the first ever live North American deployment of brand-to-consumer (A2P) mobile messaging using Rich Communications Services (RCS) over the Sprint Network. 3C launched the messaging campaign earlier this month as part of a pilot program with a leading millennial retailer as part of the Google Early Access Program for RCS business messaging. Learn More Here. "This marks a major milestone in bringing rich, 'app-like' functionality to the mobile phone's native messaging capabilities and showcases the beginning of what's to come in terms of reimagining how customers interact with their favorite brands via mobile", states John Duffy, Founder and CEO of 3C. The pilot program has been designed to utilize new features and functionality made available through the RCS standard, such as rich cards and suggested actions and replies—all of which enable more interactive and actionable engagements between brands and their customers. As the costs for brands to engage customers continues to soar and competition with third party players for customer data intensifies, the ubiquity of messaging combined with the power of RCS will enable businesses to own a direct, rich conversation with their customers. 3C also recently announced the mobile industry's first RCS Engagement Platform that enables brands to build and deploy powerful A2P RCS messaging experiences. 3C's RCS Engagement Platform allows users to deliver RCS workflows to all customers on all supported devices, and manages the complexity of fragmented carrier and MaaP platform implementations. Learn more here. Next week, 3C will be on hand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain to showcase the power of RCS for brands. For anyone attending MWC who would like to learn more about RCS, or to set up a session in Barcelona, email us at info@3C.com.
    (Filed: Thu Feb 22 2018)
  • Organise Your IT Infrastructure With The Help Of Kenson Network Engineering Ltd  
    Kenson Network Engineering Ltd now offers SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager system, an expert tool designed to streamline labour-intensive configuration tasks. It helps in maintaining, repairing, upgrading and expanding all the relevant components of an IT network such as mainframes, servers, devices, and more.
    (Filed: Wed Feb 21 2018)
  • Bruker Corporation’s new elemental analyzer, the Tracer 5i Handheld X-Ray  
    Reception to Bruker Corporation’s new elemental analyzer, the Tracer 5i Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) has been very positive given its pivotal role in a groundbreaking gene study of live plants at The Roots Lab at the College of Agricultural Sciences Department, Pennsylvania State University.
    (Filed: Fri Feb 16 2018)
  • Chetu Inc. Announces Nine New Hires
    Chetu welcomed these new hires with an extensive 2-week sales training experience, giving them the opportunity to assimilate to the company culture.
    (Filed: Wed Feb 14 2018)
  • Chetu Inc. │ SFBJ 2018 Best Place To Work Honoree
    Employers are rated on communication, manager effectiveness, personal engagement, team dynamics, and trust in leadership; SFBJ hand-selects the top fifteen.
    Company: Chetu Inc.
    (Filed: Wed Feb 07 2018)
  • Rethink Research - Anatomy of a 5G Smart city
    This month Riot takes an in-depth look at an award winning Smart City approach which is built around the municipality’s own fiber, Software Defined Networks and cloud analytics software – a system which will survive the transition into a 5G world, as it searches for a formula to monetize next-gen citizen services.
    Company: Rethink Internet of Things (Riot)
    (Filed: Wed Jan 17 2018)
  • Know About SEO Trends in 2018
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique to improve the rank on major search engine: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is constantly changed. Also in change in seo trends.
    Company: R and D Infotech
    (Filed: Wed Dec 27 2017)
    This year the Utility Payment Conference gathered the top decision makers from the utilities sector including service providers in the Billing, Collections, Credit, Payment, Purchasing, Remittance, Treasury sectors and more.
    Company: Chetu Inc.
    (Filed: Wed Dec 20 2017)
  • Talismatic launches AI-powered Candidate Search Feature
    Talismatic is set to launch its latest edition of talent insights for recruiters early this January. The platform’s newest version will include the much awaited “Candidate-Spotter” feature which renders recruiters direct access to a tailor-made hiring database. This candidate-matching data, derived through AI technology, nudges hiring professionals into the next era of refined recruitment. With organizational hiring competition at peak levels, Talismatic serves as a breather for recruiters who often come under pressure to meet with hiring deadlines.
    Company: Talismatic
    (Filed: Tue Dec 19 2017)
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