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  • Wireless Keyboard Market Forecast Stresses on Growth during 2017 - 2025

    Global market for wireless keyboards is expected to grow at a value CAGR of 3.7% throughout the 2017-2025 timeline. The global market, in 2017 is valued at around US$ 1200 Mn and is estimated to reach a value above US$ 1.5 Bn by the end of the forecast period (2025).

    (Filed: Mon Aug 26 2019)
  • Digital Talent Acquisition Market: Preeminent Companies Embrace Artificial Intelligence and Gaming

    Digitization has substantiated confluence of domain, technical and business knowledge as stakeholders focus on leadership pipeline and critical skills availability. Nevertheless, functions including manufacturing and marketing are demanding technology-cum business skills and majority of the employers are focusing on return on investment (ROI) measurement through digital talent acquisition.

    (Filed: Sat Aug 24 2019)
  • Identity & Access Management Market: Identity Assurance with Risk Analytics Becomes One of the Most

    At the time when creating, updating or revoking identities and managing credentials for plethora of apps have become indispensable, novel approaches—remote identity proofing, bring your own identity (BYO-ID)— to manage identity risks have come to the fore. Predominantly, remote identity proofing has led to efficient onboarding and account creation and curbed fraud and identity theft.

    (Filed: Fri Aug 23 2019)
  • Instrument Calibrator Market: Preeminent Companies Embrace Portable Calibrator to Propel Modus Opera

    Over the course time, there has been notion for accuracy and results to sway when applying specific technologies or assessing specific parameters such as humidity and temperature. As such, there has been relentless requirement to maintain the calibration of equipment for accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements. Stakeholders vie to reduce measurement uncertainty by assuring the accuracy of test equipment.

    (Filed: Thu Aug 22 2019)
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