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  • Telecoms Supermarket

    Telecoms Supermarket offering best offers for B2B and B2C customers

    Company: Telecoms Supermarket
    (Filed: Sat Oct 14 2017)
  • Aegis Graham Bell Award 2017 nominations are open!

    Inviting nominations for 8th Annual Aegis Graham Bell Award 2017, this Award is intended to provide recognition for outstanding contributions by the innovators in the field of Telecom & Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Security (SMACS) and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Company: Aegis Graham Bell Award
    (Filed: Wed Jul 26 2017)
  • Mumbai IX hosted 1st Mumbai Networker's meet in partnership with ICANN

    Mumbai IX organized a 1st training session on DNSSEC and KSK rollover in India in partnership with ICANN in order to discuss policy aspects of DNS security.This meet included distinguished speakers from ICANN along with multiple participants from Networking Domain

    Company: Mumbai Internet Exchange
    (Filed: Fri Jul 21 2017)

    YapApp India Pvt Ltd. is the latest entrant with a big punch, shaking the foundations and challenging the current quality of IT services provided everywhere.

    Company: YapApp India Pvt Ltd
    (Filed: Fri Jul 21 2017)
  • Make calls easily intended for inmates

    Having a friend with a jail can make you feel altogether defenseless. Beside the infrequent Inmate Calls From Jail and also pay a visit to, you might imagine you will find little or no you can use to keep their spirits up.

    Company: Calling2home
    (Filed: Wed Dec 21 2016)
  • Mobileum Speeds up LTE and VoLTE launch for CSPs

    Mobileum, a roaming and analytics solutions provider for telecom business transformation, has announced VoLTE extensions to its LTE Acceleration Suite.

    Company: Mobileum Inc
    (Filed: Sat Dec 10 2016)
  • Asia-Pacific Security Testing Market

    According to a new report by KBV Research, Asia-Pacific Security Testing Market (2016-2022), published by KBV Research, the Asia-Pacific Security Testing market is expected to attain a market size of $2.4 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 19.9% during the forecast period.

    Company: KBV Research
    (Filed: Fri Nov 25 2016)
  • Supervisor’s voice is noise in phone calls

    Phone calls in contact centers contain a lot of noise which is originated by the voices of other people talking around the agents. A new reference-based noise reduction technology can help contact centers attenuate this type of noise.

    Company: SoliCall
    (Filed: Thu Nov 03 2016)
  • Cerillion expands in Asia Pacific with new Senior Vice President

    Cerillion plc (AIM: CER), a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alistair Carwardine as its new Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific.

    Company: Cerllion plc
    (Filed: Wed Nov 02 2016)
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